Technology & Research

Any organization worth their salt keeps up with the trends and the technologies that can be utilized to grow their business, fortify their brand, access their demographic, and relate to their community. Part of innovation is learning to assimilate these tools into your brand, making them work to your advantage. We have leaders who can make that happen for you.


Focused learning for your brand or organization—whether it is for a past project or a future goal—is a very underrated and valuable activity. However, ideally it involves the expertise and discernment of professional researchers.

Technology stack audit

A tech stack audit evaluates the ROI of a tool being used in your company or organization, ensuring that your resources are being put to good use and that no corners are bloated or wasted.

Traffic analysis

Analysis is about examining and learning from your data, a highly technical undertaking that involves experts in the field and may require specific software programs.

Operations Optimization

Data is gathered and analyzed in order to improve your operations—usually that means maximizing your processes while minimizing the costs involved.


Pyrium is a crowdfunding platform for non-accredited investors looking into investing in private companies. This undertaking requires a crisp value proposition focusing on superior brand positioning, and this is where we come in. To this day, Leaders Innovate is Pyrium’s key ally for their overall growth, and their main partner in providing value to their community and ecosystem.

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