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Pyrium is a crowdfunding platform for non-accredited investors looking into investing in private companies. This undertaking requires a crisp value proposition focusing on superior brand positioning, and this is where we come in. To this day, Leaders Innovate is Pyrium’s key ally for their overall growth, and their main partner in providing value to their community and ecosystem.


By doing the heavy lifting on Pyrium’s market research, competitive analysis, and trends analysis, we are able to create a strategic marketing campaign, develop active social proof, and establish strong brand awareness. Pyrium’s brand story transformed into a distinct identity across all digital platforms. These include their first in-person event in 2021, because marketing in the new normal means achieving results in both online and offline (real-world) environments.


Pyrium’s research, objectives, and strategy are implemented into a compelling creative framework. This meant developing hundreds of digital assets (images, videos, written content, etc.) and numerous physical assets (posters, banners, business cards, merchandize, etc.).


We built a full-scale quality website, setting up the stage to serve and speak to their audience directly. Whether to inform, engage, or encourage visitors to join the community, everything has been concisely consolidated and hosted in one platform.


Using the social media omnichannel approach, we establish social proof by launching campaigns relevant to their brand and relatable to their target audience.

  • 6 Active Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn
  • Content: Increased production from 9 to 200+ across months
  • Growth Hacking
  • Engagement Hacking
  • Organic Marketing: Doubled if not tripled the number of followers


One of our defining specialties is cultivating ecosystems and networks of people from different niches and industries. This has helped Pyrium gain many long-term partners.


As part of our ongoing and thriving collaboration, Pyrium trusted us with creating their first direct-investing online course. This includes course video creation, integration, and launch.

"Working with Leader’s Innovate has been a wonderful and rich experience for our company, Pyrium. We originally began working with the team for our growth marketing needs but the team quickly became valuable resources in other areas of our business. We love the diversity and quality of skillsets that the Leader’s Innovate team has a their disposal and they have become an integral part of how we strategize and execute key activities."

Marquesa Finch, Founder & CEO


The eco-conscious startup company sought to redirect advertising power back to consumers while supporting global sustainability. And so, Leaders Innovate was tasked to spearhead the design development and marketing strategy in order to achieve brand awareness, forge new partnerships, and gain lasting relationships among users leading to the utilization of the 4Earth platform.

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