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We at Leaders Innovate would love to know more about your company or organization. Together we can achieve great things, and it starts with this short questionnaire. In just three minutes our questions will help discover the right solution for your business. In a rush? Contact us directly using the button below.

Enterprise Ethos Exercise

Together we can achieve great things, and it starts with this short questionnaire. In just three minutes our questions will help you discover three things:

1. The power-positioning of your brand
2. The importance of your go-to marketing strategy
3. The role of data and analytics in a healthy business or project

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Answer based on this assessment scale:

  • 0 – 3

    We haven’t begun to consider this yet.

  • 4 – 6

    We’ve given this some attention.

  • 7 – 9

    We’re doing this very well.

  • 10    

    We have certainly mastered this.

Branding & Messaging

Our company/organization has a solid vision and mission, and has a clearly defined target market.

Our company/organization’s branding and message are clear and succinct across all branded materials.

Our company/organization’s purpose is easy to understand by others, and our ecosystem partners are also able to communicate our company/organization’s purpose with others.

Our company/organization has a brand book, or at least has a strong brand style that is always observed.


Our company/organization’s website presents a clear view of our company/organization’s products and/or services.

Our company/organization has a website that accurately reflects our purpose and brand.

Our company/organization’s website works at scale to provide value to our community and is able to convert contacts to leads and (potential) clients.  Those leads sometimes grow into successful partnerships.

Our company/organization’s website has communication that is easily understood and accessible to potential contacts, on all possible versions (desktop, mobile, etc.).

Social Media

Our company/organization’s multi-channel (or omnichannel) approach is able to communicate our general value to our target audience.

Our company/organization’s social media accounts are regularly updated with content uniquely curated based on the guidelines and dimensions of each social networking platform.

Our company/organization’s social media accounts have many organic followers who are engaged and grow every month. Those numbers often turn into quality leads if not sales.

Our company/organization has brand ambassadors who effectively promote and share our brand ethos.


Our company/organization takes data management seriously, and reviews analytics at least once every week.

Our company/organization is able to optimize our content calendar by adapting to the latest engagement insights.

Our company/organization uses the latest analytics to create quality content that engages our target audience.

Our company/organization can find purpose-aligned partners based on our data insights.


Our company/organization’s brand is aligned, consistent, well-received and congruent across our  various digital platforms.

Our company/organization’s vision and values are embodied in every content and engagement we undertake, and we take note of how our company/organization is received by others.

Our company/organization delivers on their commitments and as a result, builds trust with our long-term clients and audience, leading to quality referrals.

Our company/organization is committed to creating a positive impact in the world; we want to contribute to resolving problems related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Please check the box beside the statement that best describes your company/organization:

We are new to digital marketing and need help understanding our most significant return on investment.

We have some of the technology and marketing strategy pieces in place but we are not getting the return we hope to see.

We have an in-house digital marketing team, and they are not delivering the results we need based on recent analytics.

Pledge of Commitment

We, the company/organization, are 100% committed to serving our target audience and/or clients while staying true to our socially driven purpose & serving to the best of our abilities.

We, the company/organization, are willing to invest in time and resources for our branding, marketing, growth, development, and the next evolution of our business..

If eligible we, the company/organization, will book an Innovation Strategy Session with the Leaders Innovate Team to prioritize the development of my business.

Please Reflect on these Questions as a Company/Organization

What do you think is your greatest obstacle to achieving success?

Why do you think your greatest obstacle is in your way?

Tell us about the digital strategies or pieces you have in place already.

What does success look like for you in this quarter or the next quarter?

What does success look like for you in the next year?

What is your personal information?

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